Summer Drinks Guide 2018

Summer’s here but what to drink? With summer comes the promise of great weather, long evenings and a few months of outdoor leisure. Barbecues, parties and informal get-togethers in the garden or on the beach are all happening. Finding the right drinks to serve your guests or selecting something original to take along as a … Continue reading Summer Drinks Guide 2018

The Best Cocktails for Burns Night

Burns Night Cocktails

Burns Night; part celebration, part potato farmer’s wet dream, part hangover preparation, part poetry slam. Some like a boozer full of jocular Jocks, some a refined evening of intellectual stimulation while others prefer to rent their food, returning it afore the night is out. However you celebrate it, hail fondly the man whose name it … Continue reading Burns Night Cocktails

This years best Alcoholic Christmas Advent Calendars

Advent Calendars, the beloved Christmas tradition, have in recent years been given an adult twist by Drinks by the Dram and there’s not a Chocolate Liqueur in sight. Driven by the huge success of the original Whisky Advent Calendar the range has now been updated for Christmas 2017 to include Tequila, Rum, Gin and Japanese … Continue reading This years best Alcoholic Christmas Advent Calendars

Our Top 5 Craft Gins

With Christmas coming up we thought we would give you a preview of our 5 favourite Gins, that will be included in the Bring a Bottle Christmas Drinks guide. In no particular order…………. Foxhole Gin Foxhole Gin is made using a grape spirit produced by pressing the unused juice from grapes grown in Sussex vineyards. … Continue reading Our Top 5 Craft Gins

Aluna Coconut Rum

Cloudbreak Spirits (founded by three drinks industry experts, Heather Graham, Guy Ritchie & Emma Wykes), the brand behind The Kraken, Sailor Jerry, Hendricks, Reyka, Black Cow and The Duppy Share have launched a new Coconut Rum for the Summer, Aluna Rum. A sublime blend of rums from Guatemala and the Caribbean, with natural toasted coconut … Continue reading Aluna Coconut Rum

National Toast Day – Toast Ale

Yes, it’s National Toast Day, who knew ! Luckily that gives us a timely segue into Toast Ale, founded by Tristram Stuart who also runs enviromental charity Feedback. After visiting a Sandwich manufacturer and seeing the waste of 13,000 slices of bread a day Tristram decided to launch Toast Ale, made from surplus bread. A … Continue reading National Toast Day – Toast Ale

Ferrero Rocher Beer

Try the Ferrero Rocher of beers

We have already covered recently an insight into the world of sweet treat inspired beers. Whilst they may not be the ideal tipple for some of us, for others the idea of having a sweet flavouring to your favourite beverage may be just enough to get their mouth-watering. So, we were pretty excited to hear … Continue reading Try the Ferrero Rocher of beers