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£1m for one cask of whisky

By Lia Sanders on 24/02/15 11:00 AM

A barrel of whisky has gone on sale for £1 million, making it the only time the first cask from a Scottish distillery has been offered for sale.

The reborn Annandale Distillery in Dumfriesshire is selling the first barrel they produced in 2014 in a move intended to attract Chinese bidders.

Barrel number eight – which is a lucky number in China – is being sold for £888,000.

Meanwhile the rest of the last year’s production is being sold for a mere £100,000.

Professor David Thomson, the owner of the distillery, said: “Never before has the first cask produced by a distillery been offered for sale.

“The price tag is high, reflecting that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone to become a part of Scottish history and to own the Scottish whisky industry’s most valuable cask.”

The first 38 barrels are filled “Man o’ Words”, the fruity, non-peaty version that was inspired by Robert Burns. Barrels 40-75 are filled with “Man o’ Sword”, the smoky, peaty version, named for Robert the Bruce.

The Annandale distillery was reopened last November after decades of being used to dry oats for porridge.