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20 New Year’s resolutions you will want to keep

By Lia Sanders on 2/01/15 7:33 PM

New Year’s resolutions can be a burden yet they can also provide a chance to try something new. Our suggestions should get you thinking about the different experiences you want to have in 2015. From learning skills to experimenting with flavours, we hope it inspires you to try something new.

1. Taste a beer from every country in Europe

2. Visit the best pubs in the UK

3. Get into microbreweries

4. Take lessons in flair bartending

5. Attempt to brew your own

6. Finally get rid of that dusty bottle of cocktail mix at the back of your cupboard

7. Perfect your wine tasting face

8. Invent a signature drink

9. Learn how to use words like “tannins” and “grand cru

10. Go to a distillery

11. Practise how to make a martini like a pro

12. Order a drink that is out of your comfort zone

13. Give South American wine a chance

14. Find out how to open Champagne without it spilling over

15. Buy a proper drinks cabinet

16. Start your own cellar

17. Make your own pinboard out of corks from special occasions

18. Decide a definitive bottle that you can bring to parties

19. Use decanters properly

20. Invest in a bottle of something good for a future birthday/promotion/child’s graduation