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4 best chocolate cocktails for Easter

By Lia Sanders on 2/04/15 3:00 PM

Regent Street’s bars are offering up Easter cocktails over the next week. From mini eggs and caramel baskets to egg yolks and ice sugar, the mixologists are giving their all. But one thing they all share is a love of chocolate. We round up the best chocolate cocktail recipes – there’s one for everyone.

One for the sophisticateChocolate orange cocktail

If you want to merely nod to the day, try this cocktail where the emphasis is on the orange flavour, with an understated chocolate rim on your glass.

One for the childish (but not the children!)Divine chocolate bourbon milkshake

Relive the days of your youth with a chocolate milkshake – just don’t let the chocolateness kid you into thinking these don’t pack a punch.

One for the maverickChocolate martini infused with bacon

If a chocolate cocktail lacks the necessary unconventionality, try a garnish of bacon dipped in chocolate.

One for the creme egg lover – Cadbury creme egg martini

If you can’t get enough of those little boxes of creme eggs, this sugar-rush-in-a-drink is for you. See video below for instructions.