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4 bizarre boozy world records

By Lia Sanders on 7/01/15 11:00 AM

Last week New Yorker Frank Esposito smashed (on occasion literally) the world record for number of Champagne bottles opened with a sabre in one minute, slicing open 47 bottles. We thought we’d take a look at some of the most unusual alcohol related Guinness world records.

Strongest beer ever sold

‘The End of History’ was made by BrewDog with an alcohol level of 55%. A controversial drink, it was sold for £500 – but £700 if you bought it in a taxidermy squirrel (see picture above).

Most wine glasses held in one hand

Philipine waiter Reymond Adina managed to hold 39 glasses in one hand in a restaurant in Barcelona in 2007. Apparently waiters in Barcelona consider it a point of pride to carry as many glasses as possible.

Most beer mats flipped and caught

A fidgety pub habit turned into a world record, this one was claimed by Ashrita Furman flipping 74 mats in new York in 2013.

Guinness itself

The book is the best selling annual publication and was the brainchild of Hugh Beaver, the chairman of the Guinness factory, in the 1950s. His idea for a book which would be a record of records has been settling pub discussions ever since.