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5 facts you never knew about beer

By Lia Sanders on 20/02/15 7:00 PM

As the first ever London Beer Week draws to a close and the number of £3 pints continue to climb, we thought it was time to round up some beer related trivia.

1. The first ever written recipe is for beer. It was written into stone tablets over 5,000 years ago in the form of songs.

2. Get anxious about your pint running out? You have cenosillicaphobia, otherwise known as fear of an beer empty glass. Use that as a reason next time you want someone to but you a round.

3. King Hummurabi of the ancient kingdom on Babylon decreed that everyone was to have a daily ration of beer which would be decided by their social status. It is one of the oldest laws in the world.

He also decreed that women would be drowned if they served bad beer.

4. China drinks the most beer of any country in the world but the Czech Republic drinks the most beer per head of population.

5. In 19th century Munich breastfeeding mothers would drink up to 7 pints a day in the belief that it was good for their children.

Hoppy weekend everyone.