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5 Strangest crowdfunded alcohol projects

By Lia Sanders on 23/01/15 11:00 AM

As a group of US craft brewers take to crowdfunding to fight a legal battle, we take a look at some of the most unusual booze related crowdfunding projects out there.

Shochu handbook

A proposal for independently publishing the first English language book on Japan’s most popular drink raised almost three times its target of $2,500.

Never Hungover

A hangover cure which can be taken as a shot or a mixer which was inspired by a herbal remedy prescribed after a kidney transfer.

The Bootlegger Bottle

More than 300 people funded a project to use special beads to speed up the fermentation process in beer, wines and spirits to make homebrew in less than a day.

Holy Water

A tiny bottle of vitamins, antioxidants and immune support agents which is meant to be added to an alcoholic drink raised its entire target with $50 from one sponsor. The campaign page modestly claimed that it ‘may reduce the after effect of over-indulgence’.

Bootleg Botanicals

Aiming for $5,500, this project to turn ordinary spirits into infused drinks raised $31,091. The company started by making absinthe and came up with this project since home distilling is illegal in America.