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5 surprising celebrity wines

By Lia Sanders on 16/02/15 11:00 AM

1. Olivia Newton John

The Grease star founded Koala Blue wines in 1983 to capture the “taste of Australia”. Since then the company has expanded into bottled water, chocolates and anything that can ever be made with a macadamia nut.

2. Drew Barrymore

“From our family to yours” runs the tagline of Barrymore wine. The actress was apparently inspired to make the wine “in honor of her family”. As part of the promotional activities around it, she even invited Huffington Post to become part of her posse for the evening.

3. Madonna

The Queen of Pop temporarily had her own range of wines, made at the family vineyard – not to be confused with the Madonna Estate. They must have been living on a prayer (sorry) as the five varieties of wine are no longer available.

4. Richard Gere

The star lent his name (and his face) to a brand of Brunello named Bedford Post after his own house.

5. Gerard Depardieu

Not really a surprise coming from a man who said he could drink 14 bottles a day. But worthy of inclusion because of this video on his site when he issues an invitation to the entire internet to visit him.