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6 Adverts Celebrities hoped you’d never see……

By Bring a Bottle on 11/10/13 3:42 PM


Sometimes when times get a little bit hard or that pay check is just too big to ignore actors can be found halfway around the world in a T.V. Studio doing something they’d never usually consider and will probably always regret.

Adverts are generally out of the question back home due to the financial impact they may have for performers. Casting directors might think that the person has less credibility now, or worse, producers may consider the actor or actress less bankable as a result and offer less money. For whatever reason these are adverts that were always destined to be kept off your screen.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio – Jim Beam (Japan)

After Django Unchained Leo decided to take a break from acting but soon found himself (according to The Daily Mail) on the receiving end of a multi-million dollar offer. Jim Beam were keen to promote their Whiskey in Japan and needed an A-Lister on board. Obviously taking his inspiration from Bill Murray in ‘Lost in Translation’ Leo jetted off and the result is a quirky if brief advert.


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2. Jeff Goldblum – Holsten Pils (United Kingdom)

The early 1990’s weren’t kind to Jeff Goldblum, after his appearance in the Oscar award winning remake The Fly in 1986 it was a long way to Jurassic Park. His IMDB profile is interspersed with only TV guest slots, luckily help was at hand from a German Lager, Holsten Pils. The brilliantly off-the-wall adverts shown in the UK fit Goldblums style perfectly.

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3. John Gielgud – Paul Masson Wines (United States)

After Screen legend Orson Welles made the slight mistake of being rude about his employers (Paul Masson) on live television another old school actor was brought in to carry the snobbery themed adverts. Allegedly parting with millions of dollars to continue in the same vein this bought Paul Masson the Emmy,Grammy,Oscar and Tony award winning actor Sir John Gielgud. Perhaps not one of his finest roles.

4. George Clooney – Lancelot Scotch Whisky (South Korea)

Following on from his whirlwind tour of the world promoting among other things Nespresso, Omega, Honda & Martini, we were amazed that George had time to stop in South Korea to promote Lancelot Whisky. Nevertheless it can’t have been too taxing as it’s a print advert (and only three at that), curiously Lancelot Scotch Whisky doesn’t seem to be available anywhere else on earth to buy.

Lancelot Scotch Whisky

5. Paris Hilton – Devassa Beer (Brazil)

Paris has always been keen to do an advert or two (Burgers for Carls Jr in the United States) but Devassa Beer in Brazil is probably the strangest choice of all. Granted Paris is reasonably famous but is remarkably C-list compared to some of the other names on this list. Playing off on her image of being stalked by the paparazzi, Paris has a beer to relax, thankfully for all it’s not much of a speaking role.

6. Mickey Rourke – Bavaria 0.0% (Holland)

Playing on his bad boy image and hot from his Oscar win with The Wrestler Mickey Rourke spends the evening getting drunk and partying in the bar of his hotel. Furious to discover that there is only Alcohol-free beer in his mini-bar a T.V. promptly gets thrown out of the window before he goes back to the bar. Not the worlds most inspiring advert but a great ribbing for Rourke’s image.


Bonus… Rutger Hauer – Guinness Draught (International)

Blade Runner’s Rutger Hauer explores his weird and wonderful side in this series of adverts for Guinness that ran for nearly 10 years.

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