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7 Essentials No Home Bar Should Be Without

By Anna Spooner on 20/11/16 1:00 PM

Of course there are a hundred things you should have in a home bar and keeping it topped up with the ingredients to your favourite tipple is a no brainer. But there are a few things that are a little easier to forget or that can make or break a home bar. We’ve rounded up a few simple ideas that can turn you from cocktail novice to mixologist pro…


There’s no denying it doesn’t taste like much… cue offended scoffs. But even though some people really can taste differences in vodka, once it’s in a cocktail it’s pretty hard to tell. Vodka is, therefore, a barman’s dream – the perfect foundations upon which the build your cocktail empire.

Angostura bitters

Okay, so it’s not in every drink but it can be an elusive little so and so. If you’ve had a last minute urge for an Amaretto Sour then you will not be able to find it in your local corner shop.

Cocktail olives

You will need to keep these in the fridge, but luckily the preservatives in the brine mean they would survive doomsday. Fancy a dirty martini? No problem, simply fumble past the ketchup, the brown sauce and a jam that you think a late relative might have possibly made you and voila! Instant James Bond cool.


This is great because you can use it for cooking and cocktail making. This little pocket rocket of power is essential for that first Bloody Mary of the day to get you fired up.


One should not snigger at someone with a jigger. A jigger is that little measuring device bartenders use and you should keep one in your home bar too. If you’re following cocktail recipes you should try and be accurate since it took someone a while to develop the perfect serve you’re following. Of course you can experiment too, and if you crack and combo you like then a jigger can help you recreate it.

Bottle opener

Sounds simple, but we’ve all been there searching for that elusive opener… bottle openers are like your keys, somehow they seem to sprout legs and move around so they’re never where you left them.

Fancy glassware

Even if you’ve muddled together a pretty average gin and tonic or a clumsy combination of anything you can get your hands on, putting it in a smart cocktail glass will fool all your guests into thinking you know what you’re doing. You’ll look the dog’s whatnots.