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Alcohol Advent Calendars

By Anna Spooner on 23/10/16 11:30 AM

Advent and alcohol are about as age-old as each other, but until recently it seems that nobody had the genius idea to pair the two. Of course alcohol lends itself so well ’24 versions of’ – there are such a plethora of different flavours out there! You might choose to drink one dram of whisky an evening all through the winter months, or you might, instead, save your weeks’ worth to enjoy over an evening with a friend, the choice is yours. One recommendation, however, is that you don’t come downstairs in your jim jams and start the day with a shot.

Here are some of Bring a Bottle’s favourite alcohol advent calendars; which will you choose!?


Tequila Advent Calendar (£139.95)

Tequila Advent Calendar

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1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila – 24! This exciting alternative boasts a selection of artisanal tequilas in a range of styles, ages and colours. But warning, the quality of these tequilas means that it would be total sacrilege to shot them with lemon and salt. These are serious spirits to be savoured as such.


Ginvent Calendar (£124.95)

Ginvent Calendar

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This gin advent calendar has been going for three years now, so it knows what it is doing. But, luckily, it’s also bound to surprise even the most fervent gin drinker. So many independent distillers are making world-class gin that it might have even been difficult for them to pick only 24 new releases. This is a surely winning gift for anyone who loves a gin and tonic.


Whisky Advent Calendar (£149.95)


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Ever wanted to try a bottle of £600 whisky but can’t afford it? Drinks by the Dram have answered your prayers with their ever-popular Whisky Advent Calendar. This version includes a great variety of blends, single malts, scotches, new releases, old casks – you name it; it’s in there! But if Bourbon or Japanese whisky is more your style then they also do specialised calendars of those too! Bottoms up.


Chase Christmas Spirit Calendar (£130.00)

Chase Christmas Spirit Advent Calendar

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Why stick to one spirit when you could have a whole bunch? Chase distillery’s wide ranging gins, liqueurs and vodkas with flavours such as Sloe and Mulberry Gin and Elderflower Liqueur make this alcohol advent calendar fantastic for someone who doesn’t like to put all their baubles in one basket.


Craft Beer Advent Calendar (£80)

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Waitrose Craft Beer Advent Calendar

Waitrose has created this unique and affordable craft beer advent calendar featuring a range of styles in very respectably 330ml or 355ml sized bottles; meaning you get plenty of bang for your buck with this alcohol advent calendar. You will have a very merry Christmas and a hoppy new year.


Virgin Wines’ Wine Advent Calendar (£69.99)

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Virgin Wines Advent Calendar

Packed with 24 exciting mini bottles ranging from 187ml to 200ml each, you’ll have a spring in your step each day when you go to check your ‘wine window’. This alcohol advent calendar includes red, white and sparkling and even a port! You won’t have to buy a bottle all advent. (Can’t promise that, sadly.)

But if these are a bit out your budget this December… then there is always the ‘home made’ alternative…

Homemade wine advent calendar