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Alcohol Quiz Questions: Our Top 10

By Anna Spooner on 17/12/16 11:30 AM

Whether it’s the cold weather forcing everyone inside, or the end of the year meaning people like to reflect, one thing is for certain, December is the month of the ‘Quiz’.

Undoubtedly December is also the month of boozing, so if there a better idea than combining the two – I would like to hear it! So if you’re looking to ‘gen up’ ahead of the Christmas Do or hosting a quiz of your own; here are some booze-based questions for the festive period…


What drink is often called the ‘Green Fairy’ and wass notoriously a favourite of Parisian bohemians?


From which plant, similar to a cactus, is tequila made?

Blue Agave

In the film ‘The Big Lebowski’, what is The Dude’s favourite cocktail?

A White Russian

Which drink used to claim that it was ‘good for you’ in the 1920s?


Which American state is Jack Daniels associated with?


Who is the Greek God of wine?



Which year follows the Kronenbourg name on the label?


How many regular sized wine bottles (75cl) are there in a ‘Nebuchadnezzer’ sized bottle??

a- 5

b- 10

c- 20 (it’s C… there’s a massive 20 bottles worth of booze!)

Munich’s annual beer festival is traditionally held in which month?


Approximately how many units are there in one large glass of wine?

a- 1 unit

b- 2 units

c- 3 units (It’s C – there’s approximately 2.8-3.5 units for every 250ml glass of wine)