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All you need to know about the vermouth trend

By Lia Sanders on 30/03/15 11:00 AM

Vermouth is having a moment right now. The aromatized wine is popping up everywhere; at least two of the Evening Standard‘s bar reviews last week (of 1940s Tube-themed venue Cahoots and Soho whisky bar Milroy’s & The Vault) single out vermouth cocktails.

Meanwhile in the US bartenders are going crazy for an amaro which can turn any wine into a vermouth, meaning than they can have unique, local vermouths and don’t have to worry about the drink’s short shelf-life.

This is not just restricted to cocktail bars. The Telegraph reports that supermarket sales of the drink are going up for the first time in years.

Traditionally there was a distinction between French and Italian vermouths, with the first tending to be white and dry, while the second (also known as rosso) would be red and sweeter.

Vermouth first made its name as an aperitif so it is worthwhile trying with just a splash of soda so its flavours are not masked by other ingredients.

Never forget the cocktail though – tomorrow we’ll be talking about some great vermouth-based cocktails out there.