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Barack Obama’s beery Bavarian breakfast

By Lia Sanders on 9/06/15 11:00 AM

Angela Merkel gave Barack Obama a traditional Bavarian breakfast when he arrived to the G7 summit on Sunday – including a half litre of beer.

President Obama arrived at an exclusive spa resort in the Alps on Sunday morning for the G7 meeting, where Mrs Merkel treated him to a breakfast of foaming lager, white sausages and pretzels.

The meal is normally eaten on Sundays and holidays and the beer drinking begins so early because the preservative-free sausages cannot be eaten after noon, according to Bavarian custom.

Mr Obama, who is a dedicated home brewer, said: “When I first heard Angela was hosting the G-7 in Bavaria, I was hoping that it would fall during Oktoberfest, but then again there’s never a bad day for a beer and a weisswurst [white sausage].”

However, according to a local farmer, Mr Obama only drank non-alcoholic beer.

Last week NATO boss Jens Stoltenberg praised Angela Merkel’s wine drinking stamina, telling journalists in his native Norway that when she drinks with other politicians, “let’s put it this way: she isn’t the first to leave.”