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Beer and bacteria dress created

By Lia Sanders on 27/03/15 11:00 AM

It may look like a white cotton dress but this item of clothing is actually made from a fabric created by beer fermentation.

Adding the bacteria Acetobacter to a vat of beer creates a vinegar with a cellulose fibre as a by-product. This material, known as Nanollose Microbial Cellulose, was then used to create the dress which was designed in the shape of a hop plant flower.

The creators, scientist Gary Cass and designer Donna Franklin, had previously worked together in order to make a dress out of fermented wine. However, that had to kept wet at all times and smelt of wine.

Cass first discovered the potential for clothes to be made out of fermented alcohol when he accidentally left a wine vat open in a vineyard he was working in during the 1990s.

Mr Cass said: “[The bacteria] got in, we forgot to look at it for a week and within the week we had converted 10,000 litres of wine into this mat that we’re now using to make dresses from.”

The beer dress will be on display at Expo Milan 2014 in May when exhibitors from more than 140 countries will show off their solutions for sustainable technology.