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Beer company gives rugby players bottle opener teeth

By Lia Sanders on 5/05/15 11:00 AM

Losing teeth is a risk of being a rugby player. One beer company has decided to give players back “the teeth they had lost in battle” with the twist that these teeth are able to open beer bottles.

Argentinian brewers Salta Beer arranged for rugby players who had lost teeth while playing the sport to have them replaced with implants that would double as bottle openers.

An ad (see below) for the company shows rugby players Johnathan Batiga, Pablo Kwiczor and Uriel Santiago explaining how they lost their teeth then getting the implant.

At the end of the advertisement they all demonstrate how they are able to open beer bottles using their new tooth.

Dental surgeon Dr Sebastian Juri says: “We are incorporating a unique innovation here. A new functionality is added to the chewing function of the premolars: the beer opener.”

In a previous adverts for the company, customers were invited to “tackle a beer” with beer vending machines giving out beers to those who tackled them hard enough. The ad claimed that sales of beer in bars with the vending machine went up 25 per cent.

The ad was made with marketing company Ogilvy Argentina.