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Belgian chef invents lobster infused gin

By Lia Sanders on 20/03/15 11:00 AM

A Belgian chef has come up with a gin made from lobster.

Kristof Marrannes from the Michelin-stared Ter Leepe soaks lobsters in pure alcohol for about two days, reports Vice, before distilling the spirit. This lobster distillate is then mixed with ordinary gin.

He started experimenting when he wanted a gin that would go well with the lobster dishes he makes. However, a collaboration with Spirits by Design means that the gin will be available under the brand Lobstar from next month.

A half-litre bottle will cost €59 and will require about 250g of lobster to produce. The spirit is supposed to have the “sweet, briny aromas and flavour” of lobster.

Some animal rights activists have objected to the gin. Gaia, a Belgium animal welfare organisation, believes that it is cruel to make animals suffer “in order to add a tiny bit of aroma to yet another gin and tonic”.

The complaints of cruelty to animals apparently came about after Marranes was asked whether it would be possible to distill the spirit from live lobsters.

This is not the first time people have experimented with unusual animal flavours. Last year one company produced an ant-infused gin.