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Beluga Epicure by Lalique

By Bring a Bottle on 27/09/16 11:47 AM

Beluga Noble Russian Vodka have created a limited edition bottle in conjunction with Lalique.

The limited-edition vodka, Beluga Epicure by Lalique, is the result of the close collaboration between Beluga Noble Russian Vodka and legendary French crystal and jewelry maker Lalique. This exquisite product is a manifestation of the values the two iconic brands share.

Beluga Vodka has won worldwide fame because of the spirit’s high quality, created by professionals committed to producing a flawless product. Combining new technology, age-old traditions of craftsmanship and a careful attention to every detail, Beluga is a recognized symbol of luxury and success.

Beluga’s collaboration with Lalique was born from its desire to create the perfect decanter, which would only be worthy of an exquisite spirit.

The limited-edition vodka’s name, Epicure, was chosen to highlight the preciousness of fleeting moments. The Epicure decanter is designed to be a symbol of the present, and a reminder that we should enjoy each moment by drawing inspiration from everything that surrounds us.

The project took shape the minute Beluga brand director Katerina Mechetina met Lalique creative director Marc Larminaux. The pair developed Epicure’s concept and exquisite design over lengthy discussions. In designing the decanter, Marc drew inspiration from Lalique’s heritage and unique production process, as well as Beluga vodka ingredients. Beluga Epicure revisits Lalique’s iconic “Three F” themes, Female, Flora and Fauna, and its sublime vessel, designed in an Art nouveau style features an enigmatic female nude figure surrounded by ears of wheat, a symbol of harvest and fertility.