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Best ruby port recipes

By Lia Sanders on 21/01/15 11:00 AM

As classic port company Cockburn gears up to celebrate its 200th birthday this year, we thought we would celebrate all the things you can do with port. These recipes use ruby port, the most common variety, so there is no need to feel guilty about adding stuff to it.

Spiced Port Punch


3 parts ruby port
2 parts brandy
1 part dark rum
1 part spiced clementine syrup
1 part cranberry juice
One handful clementine peels (with a paring knife, remove as much pith as possible)


To a large punch bowl, add all the ingredients, plus reserved clementine peels. Stir gently, then add a large block of ice. For each serving, add as much seltzer as you like (it’s strong) and a little grated nutmeg.

Port Toddy


3 ounces ruby port

4g brown sugar

6ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

6ml freshly squeezed orange juice

1 cinnamon stick

Water just off the boil

1 1-inch-wide ribbon of orange peelstudded with 3-5 cloves.


In a mug or heatproof glass, stir the port, sugar and juices together with the cinnamon stick, leaving the cinnamon in the vessel. Add hot water to fill, and garnish with the clove-studded orange peel.