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By Amber Rolt on 23/06/14 10:00 AM

Round up, round up. It’s been another busy week in booze news, and with a plethora of news avenues to choose from it’s sometimes difficult to find the best stories. This week Bring a Bottle rounds up our best findings from the past week, from the strange to the brilliant.

1. The team over at Hot Rum Cow managed to bag an interview with Ron Jeremy, the world’s most famous porn star who has recently released his very own brand of rum. Read it for yourself to decide where his talents lie best.

2. The Wine Rambler have shared a very special online generator, which let’s you make a name for your very own wine murder mystery novel. The software, made by Em Tomkin, works by randomly picking a grape variety and inserting it into famous film and fiction titles. Such titles include ‘The Talented Mr Rieslaner’. The perfect distraction for a slow Monday morning!

3. For those of you that are not football fanatics, the Social and Cocktail team have come up with the perfect way of getting everyone involved with the Brazilian action by sharing their favourite Brazilian cocktail suggestions. Anyone could be in the football spirit after a couple of Caprihanas.

4. We’re not the only one’s finding new beer brewers. Following our interview with Bobby Beer last week. Check out the Beer Reviews interview with Gazza Prescott of Pixie Spring Brewing.



Have a good week everybody!