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By Amber Rolt on 25/08/14 10:42 AM

1. Santamania gin is the new gin from Spain’s first urban distillery. The key ingredients are pistachio and grape and it makes a cracking French 75. Read the tasting notes for the most knowledgable gin heads on the web at the gin foundry blog.

2. The social and cocktail writers have done it again, and this week they are sharing their exclusive passion fruit daiquiri recipe. Find out how to make your own at home along with a plethora of other delicious drinks on their blog.

3. English wine is going from strength to strength, with vineyards opening in all corners of the country. Check out this tasting review that the team at English Wine Lovers did at Tinwood Estate’s boutique tasting tour.

4. Catch sommelier Simon Wood live in action for another one of his live tasting reviews. This week he is sampling The Society’s Vin d’Alsace 2012, from France, which he claims has a “rich peachy nuttiness”.