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By Amber Rolt on 15/09/14 10:00 AM

1. The gin experts over at Gin Foundry have pointed us in the direction of yet another superb gin – the French G’Vine which is distilled using natural grape spirit and fresh fruit botanicals. Read the full review and tasting notes here.

2. In light of our recent post on the best Scotch, we have been paying particular attention to the real man in this field – Mr Jason Debly from Jason Scotch reviews. To watch his most recent live tasting, head on over to his blog for his thoughts on Glenburgie Single Malt Scotch. We’re interested to follow his thoughts this week in particular regarding the big news coming on Thursday…

3. The Wine Sleuth is at it again, and this time she has travelled all the way to Portugal to bring us the month’s finest offering. She says it’s still alright to drink white wine, even though the summer month’s are coming to a close. She visited the Vinho Verdhe region in the north east of Portugal to find out what was on offer, not just for summer, but for the slightly cooler month’s ahead as well. Read it here.

4. Hot Rum Cow are bringing us some international news too this week. They headed to Amsterdam to check out House of Bols – a museum dedicated to all things genever. What is genever, then? Well it is very similar to gin, but actually came first. The gin we know today actually evolved from it. The Bols family was the first to mass-produce genever from its distillery in Amsterdam. Having set up shop in 1575, it’s now the world’s oldest distilled spirit brand. Check out their blog to find out more. This is a must read for gin lovers.