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By Amber Rolt on 22/09/14 10:00 AM

1. Maybe you know someone with a wedding coming up soon, maybe you don’t. Either way, hen parties are the ultimate excuse for the finest of cocktails. Vinspire UK, a deliciously refreshing drinks blog, has compiled a list of the hen party favourites, including every kind of ‘tini and daiquiri you can think of. These aren’t really just for hen parties though – a fruity flavoured cocktail can be enjoyed regardless of the occasion, so rustle one of these up at home or add them on the tab to your next hen night out.

2. Speaking of, If you are in the mood for the suggestions above but would rather enjoy them in the comfort of your own home, then check out cocktail master Mr Lyan’s video tutorial on how to make your own daiquiri cocktail. His website is full of delicious suggestions, this rum remedy just happens to be top of the list at the moment. Keep an eye on this for those thirsty evenings

3. One for the chocolate lovers – hotel chocolat are introducing a chocolate flavoured beer. Made using the remaining chocolate shells from the chocolate factory – this is a well balanced beer with coffee and chocolate flavours on the palate. Check out the full tasting notes and Cocoa Beer review here

4. Wine legend Matt Walls was recently asked by Decanter to sum up his expert advice for wine bars in London. This is a must read for wine lovers from all over, as many of his tips and tricks are transferable across the country. The article is being published just ahead of his new iPhone app, The London Wine Guide, which includes interactive maps and reviews of all the nearest wine locations in your area. Head over to his blog for the article and his inside knowledge of everything you need to know about wine in London.