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Booze News

By Amber Rolt on 29/09/14 10:00 AM

1. Vinspire have proven again that they are one step ahead of the game. Check out their list of predicted drinks trends for 2015, which they claim will be a defining year for wine producers, as we’ll see lower ABV wines and calorie-conscious wines making a break. With alcopops on the decline, you’re still going to want something easy going, fruity and light, but without being caught with your gums around a Bacardi Breezer (are they still even around?) or a Tropical VK (bleugh!)

Read their full predictions and see what you think you’ll be drinking in 2015 by heading to their blog here.

2. Mr Lyan has only gone and done it again. This week he has shared his cocktail expertise and recipie for a Mint Julep. The Julep isn’t an easy drink to make, but as long as you follow his precise preparation steps then the mixing side of the process should come together easily. Find out more here. 

3. In light of the UK’s first ever Sherry festival that we reported on last week, Hot Rum Cow have reported on the age old relationship between sherry and whisky in Jerez. The coopers in Jerez have been working hard for centuries to sustain this important relationship that not many people even know about. Read all about it here and think twice before you crack open your next bottle.

4. As whisky is hot on everyone’s agenda at the moment, cask strength have highlighted the Diageo special releases of 2014 single malt scotch whiskies. This year, eleven different single malts have been chosen from the rare stocks of casks across Diageo’s warehouses, some from closed distilleries, others from ones very much alive and kicking. So let’s have a look at the list of releases and, as we attended a pre-release tasting of all eleven single malts on offer last week, have a look at which of these are 9 carat gold and which are simply just 9 carrots…