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By Amber Rolt on 6/10/14 10:00 AM

Holiday on ice: JP Chenet ice edition

Cellar fellar offers his most recent tasting notes on the JP Chenet ice edition. Where ice comes into the equation is an interesting matter, but it still makes for a good holiday drink. His initial thoughts are ‘for a drink less reliant on nature, less subject to vintage variations and containing considerably less grape juice than actual wine you perhaps wouldn’t be enormously surprised, though you’d certainly have to concede that those scientists had done an absolutely terrific job. But for all that, if you can throw your preconceptions aside this is a thrillingly successful wine-related adult-oriented sparkling party-beverage.’

Read the review and decide for yourself.


Orchard Ramble cocktail

Gin and crumpets have done it again with a delicious winter warmer recipe. Their orchard ramble cocktail may be just the thing you need to help ease you into the winter. It may be getting dark at night, but some blackberries, a shot of cognac, apple juice and ginger beer will help ease the darkness in.

Head to their blog to find out how to make your at home



Nyetimber – the stuff of dreams

Any English wine lover should read this review of Nyetimber, the first English sparkling wine vineyard. The area has links with Henry VIII and Cromwell, and its historical routes make for a beautiful setting, with even more beautiful wine. Read all about the tour, and more about how you can organize your own, here.


Review – Buchanan’s ‘finest deluxe’ scotch blend whisky   

The scotch master Jason has shared another of his live tasting reviews, which always prove an entertaining and informative way to get to know a new kind of tipple. This week he tries Buchanan’s 12 year old deluxe whisky. This brand has tough competition with Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 yrs and Chivas Regal 12 yrs, but if there is anyone who knows whether or not it makes the cut, it’s Jason.

Head to his blog to read the full review and watch the video below.