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By Amber Rolt on 14/07/14 9:40 AM

If you missed out on the news that Bernard Huber sadly passed away last month, then head over to the wine rambler to read their tribute for the German wine maker and all of the things that he did to change the shape of German wine production, focusing in particular on his infamous Pinot Noir.

Whisky Times have collaborated a series of Whisky related data and published it in info graphics for all your Whisky related questions, including what the most popular brands are as well as the optimal strength. Check it out here.

The team over at Spittoon are embarking on a Tuscan wine tour for photographers, which will be the perfect trip for any budding snap happy sommeliers. The trip will take place in October 2014 and begins in Florence before making its way down some of Italy’s most picturesque and wine rich regions. Head over to their website to find out how you can get involved.

Drink Britain have selected Chase Marmalade Vodka as their official drink of the month. They use Seville oranges, and gallons of them go into every batch giving the vodka an intense marmalade aroma which works great alone, or as a breakfast martini. Find out more and read their review here.

Have a great week everybody!