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By Amber Rolt on 21/07/14 10:00 AM

Native Wine Grapes of Italy by Ian D’Agata – Book review

Check out Thirst for wine’s book review of Native Wine Grapes of Italy by Ian D’Agata. They claim that it is the best book in the world for the niche of wine drinkers who buy books about wine, like Italian wine, and are mainly interested in  native grapes from the country. Although this may only make up a small percentage of wine drinkers and readers, it still looks like an interesting read for anyone wanting to swot up on their Italian grape varietal knowledge, or anyone that just wants to know a little bit more about Italian wines which are currently leading the way in the European wine sector. Decide for yourself and read the review here.

Wine to watch – Lugana DOC

In a similar vein to those at thirst for wine, the wine bird has highlighted the Lugana DOC wine region in Italy as one to watch. The Lugana region is located towards the southern end of Lake Garda and is surrounded by olive groves and almond tress, making it an ideal grape environment. According to the wine bird, this is one to watch as it is beautiful, simple and versatile. The bottle also looks pretty cool too, apparently. Check the review out here.

New release – Stronachie 10 years old

Whisky for everyone are celebrating the release of a new bottled version of Stronachie. The new 10 years old bottle design coincides with the 110th anniversary of the original single malt, which was first sold in the early 1900s. It will be available in selected stores for around £35, and you can read the expert’s tasting notes over at Whisky for everyone here.

Ten tequilas you should try

Let’s face it, it’s not often you have the chance to sift through all the different kinds of slammers to try and work out which one you like the best. Despite not being able to remember which one you enjoyed the most after ten, tequila is a finely made spirit that should be enjoyed in moderation. Check out bitter and twisted’s review of the top ten tequilas you should try, and decide for yourself.