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By Amber Rolt on 28/07/14 10:00 AM

1. You can catch up on everything that has been going on at Rum Fest 2014, which sees the world’s top mixologists take on rum challenges. Here is a video of the main man himself Martin Cate taking on the Angustora 1919 Sprint Challenge. To see the rum magic in action along with other videos which show off some serious skill sets then head over to the Rum Experience to keep on top of the action.

2. Cellar Fella has some pretty interesting views on Germany’s wine making skills in light of their recent world cup victory. Their performance on the pitch is not matched in the cellar department, so he says. Head on over to his blog, have a read and decide for yourself.

3. Master of wine John Downes has analysed the rosé market and shares his views of what is on offer at the moment, and who does it best in the wake of the sudden rosé sales boom. He suggests Piccini Memora Vino Rosato D’Italia, which he says is light and bright in the grass with raspberry aromas. Perfect for a summer afternoon. Read his review and advice here.

4. For more wine reviews, head over to Simon Wood’s site to watch him tasting wine live. His most recent reviews are of Grant Burge GB11 Rosé,2013, Australia, and Gérard Bertrand Gris Blanc 2013, Pays d’Oc, France. He keeps them short and sweet, and has plenty of inside info to share with viewers. Check out his blog here and watch him below.