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Booze News

By Amber Rolt on 11/08/14 10:00 AM

1. Check out Hot Rum Cow’s exclusive interview with Petra Wetzel, founder of WEST brewery. She talks keeping it simple, taking on lager’s big boys and leaving a legacy. Read all about it here.

2. Booze blogger Matt Walls has penned some interesting thoughts on the changes in Britain’s off licenses over the past ten years. Check it out here.

3. Beer blogger Mark Dredge has released a book sharing his knowledge of beer and food combinations. He goes to intrinsic levels of detail, revealing not just how beer and food taste together, but how they interact. Informative and delicious. Check out a preview of it on his blog here.

4. Any Northerners that missed out on the action at the Huddersfield Food and Drink Festival 2014 can read up on all the happenings and sippings over at The Northern Beer Blog. Read all about it here.