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Booze news: ads from free beer to ice sculptures

By Lia Sanders on 10/04/15 11:00 AM

It’s been a good week for advertising in alcohol.

First up, Carlsberg set up a billboard giving out free beer in London’s Brick Lane. Drinkers could pour themselves a half pint of lager from a tap positioned under a slogan declaring “Probably the best poster in the world”.

People were limited to one drink each as a security guard stood by to ensure they stuck to the rules.

This is the first in a series of monthly stunts that Carlsberg will be pulling over the year to mark the return of the slogan “If Carlsberg did…”

A more delicate approach was favoured by Japan’s Suntory Whisky. They’ve created a series of ice cube sculptures for their “3D on the rocks” campaign.

The sculptures, which include the Statue of Liberty, Godzilla and Jaws the shark, took six hours to carve and were kept at -7 degrees Celsius to prevent the ice from melting.

A splash of whisky adds the finishing touch, as it “polishes the surface of the ice and gives a beautiful shine to the sculpture,” according to Miwako Fujiwara of design agency TBWA/Hakuhodo which created the sculptures.