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Booze news: beers made from bread and sewage

By Lia Sanders on 21/04/15 11:00 AM

Think brewing ingredients and you probably think of water, starch, yeast, maybe some hops. However some companies are using some unusual recycled ingredients in their beer making.

A Belgium brewery is making beer from leftover bread.

Brussels Beer Project wanted to make use of some of the wasted bread that supermarkets dispose of every day. Twelve per cent of food waste in Brussels is bread.

Thirty per cent of the barley used in brewing can be replaced by one and a half slices of bread per bottle. As a result, 4000 litres of beer uses up 500 kilos of bread.

The Babylone beer is being sold to local supermarkets and cafes.

Meanwhile, a US wastewater treatment facility wants to give its recycled sewage water to home brewers to make beer.

Clean Water Services uses such an advanced treatment process that it can turn sewage back into drinking water.

Environmental regulators have approved the plan – although the resulting beer cannot be sold. Small batches of beer will be served at events.

According to a spokesman for the utility company, the aim is to get people thinking about wastewater in a different way.