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Booze news: boarish behaviour and Jack Daniels’ son

By Lia Sanders on 6/01/15 11:00 AM

Some people can feel a surprising attachment to their favourite tipple. A man named after the whiskey brand Jack Daniels has continued a family tradition by naming his first born Jim Beam. Jack Daniels Leathers insists that he will name any future children along the same theme, calling their child “Sherry”, if he and his wife have a girl, or “Evan Williams“, after the bourbon, if they have another boy.

Elsewhere alcohol is feeling a little less loved, with some wines in Australia going for less than a bottle of water. Due to a declining international market for Australian wine and wine taxes being much less on cheaper wines, prices for bottles have plummeted and it is now possible to buy a bottle for one Australian dollar (53p), while a bottle of water could cost A$2.50.

By contrast wine making in the UK is booming and wines from England and Wales are expected to make nearly £100m this year, according to figures from the English Wine Producers.

Finally, take a peak at Gordon’s ever-so-slightly disturbing advert which features a suited boar as a reference to the boar’s head that has been embossed on bottles of the gin since it was first sold in 1769.