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Booze News: British Airways Gin, Robots Choosing Whiskies & Record Spirit Sales

By Anna Spooner on 5/01/17 5:40 PM

British Airways Launches Own Gin

British Airways has teamed up with The Cambridge Distillery to create a gin exclusively for its First Class customers.

The gin, aptly but not particularly creatively named ‘British Airways Tailored Gin’, is available in the Concord Room in Heathrow Terminal 5 and features botanicals such as basil, rosemary and thyme.

British Airways Gin

AI vs. Whisky

Think artificial intelligence is a thing of evil? Prepare to be challenged my friend. Introducing a chat bot that every whisky lover can get behind…

Diageo, owner of big whisky brands such as Talisker, J&B and Glenkinche, has launched a new Facebook Messenger service called ‘Whisky Matcher’ (hosted on the Friends of the Clasic Malts page) which can match you to the best whisky from their range based on your likes and dislikes. Okay, so it’s no iRobot, but it’s more interesting than a hoover that maps the floor!


Record Spirit Sales in 2016

Okay, so maybe the car crash year of 2016 has had has reaching for more of the ‘hard stuff’ than normal… or maybe our tastes are simply changing. But we can’t deny the facts – Brits bought £51.8million worth MORE spirits this year than 2015.

This figure, which is equal to an increase of around 1.3%, means that the UK spent a total of around £4billion on spirits… more than beer. That’s pretty impressive stuff.