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Booze news: cheese cocktails and shrapnel grapes

By Lia Sanders on 20/01/15 11:00 AM

A blue cheese and chocolate martini is reviewed over at The Telegraph. Theo Merz says that it is ‘surprisingly drinkable’ but adds that just because you like something doesn’t mean you should make it into a drink: ‘I also like poached eggs, red wine and cats but I wouldn’t try to distil their flavours together into one drink.’

A Cornish hotel where they give you a free bottle of wine for eco friendly travel is reviewed slightly more positively by food and travel writer Jane Egginton.

Meanwhile The Scotsman pays homage to a Lebanese winemaker who would not let civil wars stand in the way of making great wine, despite sometimes having to pick shrapnel out of the grapes when they arrived.

Speaking of wines from unusual places, this feature on a Shoreditch wine shop selling only Austrian wines is a reminder of the how the country’s wine trade has progressed since antifreeze was found in some of their wines thirty years ago. The shop emphasises the bottles’ backstories, including wines made by a former UN soldier who names all his wines after Guns N Roses songs.