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Booze News: Expensive Whisky and Unesco Beer

By Anna Spooner on 9/12/16 11:30 AM

Whisky Bottles Fetch Over £14,500 at Auction

Two bottles of Welsh whisky from 1900 have smashed expectations when they sold at auction last week. The two bottles, which were expected to fetch around £3,000 each, sold for a whopping £14,500 for the pair.

The sale of such items is unprecedented and the bottles, produced by the Welsh Whisky Distillery Company over 100 years ago, have set the bar for similar future sales of a similar kind. But one question is on all our lips – what will they taste like?


Belgian Beer Granted Unesco Status

Unesco has said ‘cheers’ to Belgian beer, and added the brew to its list of ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’. Unesco said that beer was about more than just boozing. It said “Beer is also used by communities for cooking, producing products like beer-washed cheese, and paired with food.”

So, next time you’re enjoying a pint of Belgium’s finest you can rest assured you’re engaging with one of the world’s most cultural heritages. We’re hop hop happy about that.