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Booze news: fighting crime and female wine

By Lia Sanders on 18/02/15 11:00 AM

Have you ever had a really strong flashback due to smell? It is an underrated sense but one day it could be used to catch criminals – all thanks to techniques used to analyse wine.

This week The Telegraph reported on the work of forensic scientist Alison Davidson who is exploring how methods used to identify wine fraud could also be used to identify individuals.

The unique smell of different wines helps to establish if a wine is what it claims to be. Davidson is investigating whether it would be possible to scientifically identify a person through the smell of some object they left at the crime scene.

The power of smell was demonstrated elsewhere when Vice got a sommelier to drink girlie wines, one of which is described as having “notes of petroleum”. We’re guessing that isn’t a recommendation.

Meanwhile the jury remains out on the health affects of wine. One study says that having one large glass of wine every day increases stroke risk by a third. Another says that drinking wine or red grape juice can help overweight people burn fat.