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Booze News: Haig Club, Pricey Crisps and Lemon Vodka

By Anna Spooner on 21/10/16 3:30 PM

The Clubman Lands

Haig Club launched the TV advert for their Beckham-infused ‘Clubman’.

The whisky, which positions itself as a ‘rule-breaker’, is bound to have the serious whisky-world turning up its nose and laughing. Water? Ice? COLA?!?!

But Haig Club aren’t silly, this variant on their range is perfectly positioned to appeal to people who like to enjoy their whisky with friends, with music and with mixers. And it’s impossible not to find David Beckham cool.

Warning: Not to be Shared Down the Pub 

St. Erik’s Brewery, one of Sweden’s best loved micro-breweries, has teamed up with Pi Le (chef) to develop the perfect crisp to pair with its beers.

But, Walker’s Cheese and Onion and a Carling this is not. The crisps, which are made from a truffle seaweed from the Faroe Islands and a rare Japanese mushroom called ‘matsutake’, are all made by hand and only 100 ‘packets’ (presentation boxes) will be made.

It seems the brewery are sticking to tradition though and serving an underwhelming amount per pack – only 5 crisps! And the price? £46. Yes, that’s right, nearly a tenner a crisp. The beer better be liquid gold.

Photo: St Erik's Brewery


Chase Vodka is known for exciting flavour variants and their new launch is set to have your lips puckering.

Their brand new Lemon Marmalade Vodka is made by infusing lemon marmalade and vodka – simple. Then it’s marinated for 72 hours on lemon peel to give it a nice natural colour.

The vodka is available at Harvey Nichols’ stores and online from 24th October and is £47. We’re going to be trying ours with soda water and a lemon garnish.

Photo: Chase Lemon Marmalade