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Booze News: Hangover Bars, Launches and Epic Pub Crawls

By Anna Spooner on 27/10/16 9:00 AM

Hanging Happy

The world’s first hangover bar has opened in Amsterdam, with guests being breathalysed on entry to ensure that they have alcohol in their system!

This innovative venue doesn’t serve alcohol, but will mix you up a vitamin-rich smoothie or you can hitch up a chair at the bar – the oxygen bar. The converted garage also boasts rows of beds with their own TV and high quality mattress.

But fear not, you won’t be wishing you were waking up in Amsterdam next time you’re hungover because the concept is likely to expand. Next stop… the UK please!

Hangover Bar (Carters News Agency credit)
Hangover Bar (Carters News Agency credit)

Christmas in a Glass

You can now buy a “Christmas in a glass” according to Sipsmith’s master distiller Jared Brown.

For those intrigued by the festive delight, it’s been described as having tastes of “spiced raisin and rich dates followed by fresh juniper and Norwegian spruce.” Sounds delicious.

The limited edition gin comes in a special edition gift pack available from the Sipsmith website and will also include a London Dry Gin. (RRP £20)


World’s Longest Pub Crawl

Mathematics challenges and pub crawls aren’t a natural match made in heaven but in fact that is exactly what has happened…

A team of scientists from around the world have been working on a problem based around the ‘travelling salesman problem’ which seeks to draft the easiest route between multiple points before returning back to the start. And how did they look to do this?… World’s biggest pub crawl!

They’ve joined up nearly 25,000 UK pubs covering a distance of 45,495km. And whilst the average distance between each pub is a palatable hour, the longest journey (from the Sango Sands Oasis in Durness to the Bells But & Ben in Shetland) is a rather thirst quenching 50 hours.

World's Longest Pub Tour