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Booze news: strange inventions

By Lia Sanders on 28/05/15 11:00 AM

It’s been a week for rather unusual alcohol-related inventions. At a party for the Monaco Grand Prix, Grammy-winning producer Mark Ronson popped the cork of the world’s first “digitally connected” Champagne bottle.

If you’re struggling to work out what that actually means in real words, opening the Champagne bottle essentially triggers the sound and visual system in the venue.

Mumm, who are the sponsors of the Grand Prix, say that the connected cork is designed to “enhance the celebration experience” and was inspired by the “thrill and emotion” of the Formula One podium.

Another slightly bizarre creation is the invention of a pen which can write with beer or wine – or with any other liquid likely to stain.

The Winkpen is looking for $47,000 funding on Kickstarter and the pens will be sold at $60.

The brand WINK comes from the idea of using “wine as ink”. We are slightly bemused as to why anyone would want to waste wine in this way, even if it the pens are a “sustainable alternative” to normal ballpoint pens.

Still, thus far it has raised more than $43,000 so who are we to scoff?