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Breaking Bad cocktail bar to pop-up in London

By Lia Sanders on 19/05/15 11:00 AM

A Breaking Bad themed bar where customers can “cook” their own cocktails in a converted RV is appearing in London this summer.

Inspired by the hit US TV show about a chemistry teacher turned drug dealer, the pop-up will open in July for three months.

Called ABQ – after the show’s setting Albuquerque in New Mexico – the bar is the brainchild of Seb Lyall whose last pop-up was the controversial owl cafe.

Seb Lyall, founder of neighbourhood app Locappy, said: “We are always looking to give our community unique experiences. People of London demand and deserve something a bit more special and that is what we aim to do through our app and the events.

“We got inspired by this famous Netflix series and thought to do something unique on those lines.”

The RV will house roughly 20 people at a time. Customers will be helped by mixologists to “cook” the 2 cocktails they get as part of the two hour “chemistry experience”.

More than 13,000 people have already signed up to attend the event. Tickets costing £30 are on a first come, first served basis.