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Brewdog aiming to raise £25m through crowdfunding

By Lia Sanders on 23/04/15 11:00 AM

Scottish beer company Brewdog have launched a campaign to raise £25 million through crowdfunding.

The campaign sees 526,316 shares in the brewery become available for purchase. The minimum spend is £95 for two shares.

This is the fourth time that the independent brewer has offered the public the chance to buy shares on their website through the Equity for Punk project.

Two years ago they raised £4.25m in less than six months – the most successful crowdfunding campaign in the world at the time.

There are currently more than 14,500 investors in Equity for Punks.

The money will be spent on expanding the Aberdeenshire-based brewery and increasing on their 27 Brewdog bars.

They also have plans to open a craft beer hotel and a distillery.

Investors in the company will only be able sell their shares once a year on the Brewdog trading platform since the company is not listed on the stock exchange.

Shareholders are to receive a host of perks, including discounts in Brewdog bars and a free beer on their birthday.

For more information on becoming a shareholder, click here.