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Celebrate #DryJanuary

By Anna Spooner on 10/01/17 11:24 PM

Fill your glass immediately! It’s ‘Dry January’! That’s right, you heard us correctly, we’re crazy about all things ‘dry’ in January. In fact, we’re popping corks and bottle tops to celebrate.

Confused? Well, we’re actually talking about dryness in alcohol, which basically means lacking in sugar. The good news about less residual sugar? Sometimes less sugar is better for the waistline – hurrah!  And it’s even suggested that it might be better for the feeling the morning after (can’t make any promises on that one though). Sound like a good way to start the year? We think so! If you’re looking for some darn dry liquids that will whet your whistle this month then how about diving into some of these?

Orchard Pig Truffler Dry Cider

If you want to sniff out a good dry cider, this should be the one. It’s fresh and fruity but sharp enough that you won’t feel full or sickly. In fact, you can pretty much pig out on it. Find out more


Pink 47 Diamond Dry Gin

Whilst diamonds might be forever, we’d be surprised if this Diamond dry gin lasted very long. It’s an impressive 47% ABV, so you can make a mean dry martini to celebrate dry January and forget ‘Blue Monday’ with Pink 47. Find out more


Asahi Super Dry Lager

Not just dry… super dry! (We’re not sure what that means.) Either way, it’s darn delicious. And when you’ve over done the turkey and fancy a curry, this really is the only beer to drink. Seriously good stuff that will get the mouth watering. Find out more


Taylor’s Chip Dry Port

Not just for passing around at Christmas! This port made from dry white wines is far trendier and far more refreshing. In fact, why not try it topped with tonic and garnished with a little mint or even a sprig of rosemary if you have some spare. Fancy! Find out more


Mionetto Extra Dry Prosecco

Acacia, honey, citrus fruits and almonds – sound like a January detox smoothie? In fact, it’s the lovely flavours of this dry Prosecco from Mionetto which is bursting with bubbles and excellent value. Find out more


Cave de Beblenheim Grafenreben Riesling

Riesling is no longer a sickly sweet wine that we associate with 80s favourite Blue Nun. IN fact, this Riesling from Alsace in France in bone-dry and lip-smackingly good, so give it a go and start a New Year’s Resolution to be more adventurous with wines. Find out more


Win three bottles of Thomas Dakin Dry Gin

Thomas Dakin’s London Dry Gin doesn’t come from London at all, it’s a Manchester-miracle; ‘London Dry’ is simply the style, and like it says on the tin – dryness is the name of the game here. The delicious concoction of natural botanicals (i.e. not from essence) means that you  can feel extra good about this special treat. And, since it’s launch last year, Thomas Dakin has won three prestigious awards including a Gold Medal at The World Gin Awards – so you know we’re not pulling your leg when we say it’s a darn tasty tipple.


So, to celebrate ‘Dry Jan’ we’re lifting the ‘dry ban’ and giving away not one, but three bottles of Thomas Dakin Dry Gin to one lucky person. So if you’re looking for bit of giaspiration this January, look no further – we have you covered! Enter the competition here