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Champagne beer, anyone?

By Amber Rolt on 19/09/14 10:00 AM

Ahead of our earlier post this week on the special ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ beers made for the referendum, here is another kind of interesting beer that has been hitting the headlines this week. It might also be the perfect celebratory drink for ‘No’ voters as their results came in this morning with a victory, mixing the hoppy delights of a good beer with the fantastic fizz of champers.

Savour Beer, based in Windsor, has joined forces with Bolney Wine Estate to brew a 10.5% abv Belgian-style golden ale using the traditional champagne method in a bid to create the same rich, clean taste and fizz of sparkling wines.

Méthode champenoise is the traditional method used in the production of sparkling wines to remove the yeast after secondary fermentation.

The beer has been brewed using 100% British malted barley and three yeast strains having undergone a lengthy 100-day maturation period during which the beer was riddled and disgorged in the same way as Champagne.

Kirkpatrick describes the beer as having an “elegant, floral and spicy aroma” complemented by “a luxurious, rich body and effervescent finish”.

A limited run of 670 bottles have been produced which are on sale for £15, and can be found at London restaurants including The Ledbury, Chez Bruce and The Square restaurant in Mayfair.