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Champagne brunch cocktails for Mother’s Day

By Lia Sanders on 13/03/15 11:00 AM

All the best (grown-up) children turn up on Sunday morning with a bottle of Champagne under the arm. Rather than sticking to safe Mimosas or Buck’s Fizzes, jazz up your mum’s brunch with one of these fruity recipes.

Ruby Champagne Cocktail

Ingredients (makes 4)

2 Ruby Red pink grapefruits

50g sugar

1 bottle brut Champagne or dry sparkling wine, well chilled


Using vegetable peeler, remove peel from 1 grapefruit and place peel in bowl. Cut both grapefruits in half. Squeeze enough juice to measure 180ml. Mix juice and sugar in bowl with peel. Let stand 5 minutes. Strain into small bowl, pressing on solids. Pour 30ml of this syrup into each of the flutes. Top up each glass with Champagne.

Blood Orange Champagne cocktail

Ingredients (makes 8)

60ml crème de cassis

Strained fresh blood orange juice from about 6 oranges

1 bottle of chilled brut Champagne or dry sparkling wine

8 blood orange slices (optional)


Spoon 8ml of crème de cassis into each of the eight Champagne flutes or other glasses. Add 45ml of juice to each glass. Fill each glass with Champagne, then stir gently. Garnish cocktails with slices of blood orange, if desired.