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China becomes second largest wine grower

By Lia Sanders on 29/04/15 11:00 AM

China has become the second largest wine growing area in the world, overtaking France, according to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine.

With 799,000 hectares given over to wine growing, China is only second to Spain which has 1.02 million hectares. This means China is responsible for 11% of the land used for wine growing.

China is also the largest red wine consumer in the world, according a report released earlier this year, after 155 million nine-litre cases were drunk there in 2013. This marks an increase of 136% since 2008.

The increase has been attributed to a perception that wine is healthier than drinking rice-based spirits, as well as traditional positive associations with the colour red in Chinese culture.

An accompanying report stated: “Red is a very positive hue in Chinese culture, associated with wealth, power and good luck. In business circles, these three values are fundamental. Red wine is therefore an obvious choice for business hospitality, where partners can drink to each others’ health.”

France remains the biggest producer of wine while the US is the greatest consumer.