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Chinese New Year – what to drink

By Lia Sanders on 19/02/15 11:00 AM

Chinese food can be an assault of taste sensations – in the best possible way, of course – making it difficult to know what to drink with it. For beer drinkers there is Tsingtao Lager but wine drinkers can be floored by the spiciness or sweetness of food that refuses to go with tannins.

Christine Parkinson, the director of wine at Cantonese restaurant Hakkasan, recommends ‘barrel-fermented chardonnay‘, ‘Riesling with a little bit of residual sugar’ and Pinot Noir.

Riesling generally acquits itself well when it comes to Chinese cuisine. The fruitiness of the white wine means that it fits with both the sweet and spice so it also complements Szechuan food.

Another good option for Szechuan food is a spicy Gewurztraminera great accompaniment to the egg often found in fried rice.

And we shouldn’t forget sparkling winethe perfect pairing for fried food because it cleans the palate in preparation for the next bite.

However, if you can’t cope without a red, then order Moo Shu Pork and a low tannin Beaujolais.

But, if in doubt, remember it is all about the Riesling.