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Christmas TV specials – what they are drinking

By Lia Sanders on 24/12/14 3:00 PM

They are a crucial part of our Christmas day – but what are the characters on screen drinking?

Downton Abbey – Lady Violet

No sweet old lady sherry for the Dowager Countess of Grantham, she would opt for a drink as strong as her quips, probably a gin and Dubonnet. Favoured by the Queen and her mother, its high class tones feel right for the Duchess, while the anachronism of Dubonnet (which was only popularised in the 70s) suits Downton’s occasional historical gaffs.

Doctor Who – The Doctor

The Doctors’ drinking habits are of no small significance – you can find places on the internet discussing tea preferences – as it helps set them apart from each other. From the first episode with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, we discovered he was partial to strong drink, pouring a whisky in a situation where Matt Smith’s Doctor would have chewed a Jammie Dodger or David Tennant might have invented a banana daiquiri.

Miranda – Miranda

The level of silliness in Miranda does not really require alcohol, but it is easy to imagine Stevie and Miranda sharing a bottle of wine on the sofa with her fruit friends. On more celebratory occasions, Miranda might go all out with a Babycham.