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Cocktail of the week: Brazilian Cachaça Sangria

By Amber Rolt on 26/06/14 10:00 AM

Don’t let any football results get you down this weekend, and stock up on some ingredients to enjoy some Brazilian carnival atmosphere in your own home, regardless of the results.

The most famous Brazilian cocktail is the caprihana, and where summer temperatures can reach more than 40c, the Brazilians are big on packing their cocktails with as much ice as possible to make them refreshing. They’re also lucky that they have some of the world’s most exotic fruits on tap, from passion fruit to pineapple, and thirst quenching coconut water.

Cachaça, a spirit that has been made in Brazil since the 16th century fules their drink scene. It is to them what whisky is to the scots. It is a sugar cane product, similar to rum, and is the key ingredient to many cocktails. Our favourite Cachaça cocktail is the Brazilians take on sangria, a red wine punch with an added kick. The ingredients are easy to get hold of, and make sure you check out our selection of red wines to find the best prices. Enjoy in the sun at home, with or without the football. Here is how to make it:



150ml cachaça

225ml orange juice

110ml lemon juice

100ml simple sugar syrup (made by heating equal quantities of sugar and water over a medium heat until the sugar has dissolved)

225ml red wine

1 orange, sliced

1 lemon, sliced

A handful of mint leaves



Fill a large jug with ice cubes, then add the cachaça, orange and lemon juice and sugar syrup. Give the mixture a stir, then pour in the red wine. Garnish with the orange and lemon slices and mint leaves, just as you would Pimm’s, and serve immediately.