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Cocktail of the week: Michelada

By Amber Rolt on 18/07/14 10:00 AM

Kick start the weekend on a warm summer evening with this Mexican inspired beer cocktail this Friday. Perfect served with Fajitas, or just plenty of tacos and guacamole.


4 tbsp sea salt

juice of 6 limes

Mexican lager (we used Corona)

Tabasco sauce or Worcestershire sauce, to serve (optional)

Tequila (optional)



Pour the sea salt onto a plate and spread it out evenly. Then, dip four long glasses into the juice of six limes, and then into the salt so that it sticks and gives a salt rim around the top of the glass. Fill the glasses with ice, then divide the lime juice between the glasses and top up with lager. To add an extra kick, use some Tabasco or Worcestershire sauce, and if you’re really feeling it, a shot of tequila will be sure to give this an extra boost.

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Featured image credit: creative commons