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Cocktail Time: Do try this at home…

By Amber Rolt on 10/10/14 10:00 AM

For those of you that couldn’t make it to the city lights this week for cocktail delights, Bring a Bottle is sharing LCW 2014’s best cocktail secrets so you can experience the flavours at home.

The Nikka 51.4 Bar, a Japanese whisky pop-up, really had heads turning this year. By the same masterminds behind China Town’s exclusive experimental cocktail club, this little gem had plenty of treats on offer, and this was our favourtie. This signature cocktail, made specially for LCW, is a union of two classics. The Manhattan and the Negroni. The Japanese whisky replaces the traditional rye or bourbon here, and the Nardini Bitter replaces the traditional Campari. Fusing both classics together is the vermouth offering a boozy, yet bitter cocktail with the complexity of the Nikka shining through. They call it, the Mascata, and this is how you can make it at home…

40ml Nikka from the Barrel
20ml antica formula
15ml nardini bitter
2 dashes allspice dram


Mix the portions in a mixer with plenty of ice. Stir down, strain and serve with garnish of lemon and orange peel.

Have a good weekend!